Monday, February 18, 2013

National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) EsSential ReVieW Guide Book

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  1. To ALL NMAT Test Takers (April and December),

    A Newly Updated National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) EsSential ReVieW Guide 2013 is Now Available for all students planning to take the NMAT. Check out this essential tool for your NMAT prep at the following links: EsSential ReVieW GuideBook EsSential ReVieW Guide

    For ALL queries regarding ordering the material, please send us a message at:

    The National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) Essential Review Guide is written for all pre-med students and graduates from a variety of backgrounds who aspire to gain admission into medical school in the Philippines.

    The purpose of these practice tests in Biology, Physics, Social Science, and Chemistry is to guide and help the prospective medical students to prepare for the NMAT.

    This practice test review material is a three-part booklet. Part I of this book consists of 50-items multiple choice test in Biology, Physics, Social Science and Chemistry. Part II consists of answers and explanations. Part III contains supplementary science review notes (Biology, Physics, Social Science, & Chemistry), basics of Mathematics and Algebra, Verbal analogies and English vocabularies essential in the preparation for NMAT.

    There’s has never been an NMAT guide like this. It answers commonly asked questions that we come across in the forums. Unlike similar books written by authors with Education Degrees or PhD Professors, this is one of a kind book in its class that is written by an author who has gone through the process, and knows how to study effectively and succeed in the NMAT. The practice tests provided in this material give you an idea of what is commonly tested on the actual NMAT paper-based exam that have never been offered in print. This book introduces you to essential review guide you want to know to be successful with NMAT and gaining admission to medical school in the Philippines. As a caveat, NMAT is NOT a sole determinant of getting a place into medical school as there are other factors like grade-point average (GPA), and personal interviews.

    This book was written with the sole intention of helping you, the prospective medical student, to succeed in the NMAT. Therefore all comments and suggestions are gladly welcome, as it would only help improve future editions. and

    Best of luck to ALL the NMAT Test Takers!

    Thank you for reading this post.